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Ads, Ads, Ads, Ads, Ads

In Advertising, Design, Marketing on February 26, 2010 at 3:37 pm

From the clever and creative to the cool and HUH?

60 Clever and Creative

67 Unbelievably Creative ads. Ads don’t have to be stupid and boring.

some of my faves:

ATT India Ad

These were huge (in size) all over Penn Station, very arresting and clever – an oldie but a goodie.

Australian Post Ad

Absolut Vodka Pregnant Ad

Pepsi Twist Ad

60 print ads to tickle the funny bone.


for those that don’t know, Durex is a European brand of condoms. 🙂

And for the feint of heart, don’t go beyond this one, because you could be upset. There is one of Nemo that you may not be happy with. 😉

12 creative ads by big brands.


4 brilliant augmented reality campaigns –

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“This sounds like the future but its closer than we think. If you are a futurist, this will be of definite interest to you.”
Augmented reality is starting to get interesting. Here are some of the best brand executions that have been done to date.
 Here is the video from Samsung. She took a picture from her printer, put it on her wall, then turned her camera toward it, and the wall showed up on her monitor with the Samsung TV on it. kinda cool application.
And from the same site: Social Media Podcasts.

A look back at cereal ads

In Advertising, Marketing on February 24, 2010 at 10:13 am

This is an interesting retrospective of cereal ads.  I can see many hours of research post launch for each of these.

Twitter Spectrum

In Social Media on February 23, 2010 at 9:05 pm

Not hugely useful, but its an cool site that aggregates two words and show what is tweeted about them via a spectrum of words.


Firefly project

In Uncategorized on February 20, 2010 at 11:12 pm

This has no marketing implications whatsoever, but its amazing. If you think of the possibilities, its sorta mind blowing. Imagine sitting a stadium, and the art/graphics light up all around you, set to music, pulsing, moving, bigger than 3D art, sight, sound and motion…like light, coming to life.

Click here to view the YouTube video from Firefly Project

Flyfire, a project initiated by the SENSEable City Laboratory in collaboration with ARES Lab (Aerospace Robotics and Embedded Systems Laboratory) aims to transform any ordinary space into a highly immersive and interactive display environment.

In its first implementation, the Flyfire project sets out to explore the capabilities of this display system by using a large number of self-organizing micro helicopters. Each helicopter contains small LEDs and acts as a smart pixel. Through precisely controlled movements, the helicopters perform elaborate and synchronized motions and form an elastic display surface for any desired scenario.

With the self-stabilizing and precise controlling technology from the ARES Lab, the motion of the pixels is adaptable in real time. The Flyfire canvas can transform itself from one shape to another or morph a two-dimensional photographic image into an articulated shape. The pixels are physically engaged in transitioning images from one state to another, which allows the Flyfire canvas to demonstrate a spatially animated viewing experience.

Flyfire serves as an initial step to explore and imagine the possibilities of this free-form display: a swarm of pixels in a space.

For more information, please contact:

Cool Free Fonts + dingbats

In Design on February 19, 2010 at 10:08 pm

NOTE: After the original post, I came upon so many more sites that provide a list of good free fonts. As I use them, I will post the links below, so be sure to scroll past the examples for more links.


What else do I need to say?

here are some examples:

custom preview

custom preview

custom preview

custom preview

custom preview

Click here for 40 Excellent Free Fonts for Professional Design

Free fonts from FontSquirrel

Free fonts from Fontex

10 Very Useful Google Services You Should Know

In Online/Interactive, Social Media on February 19, 2010 at 9:03 pm

I recently came across this blog that had some very cool Google tips. In Google’s efforts to take over the online world… they seem to be offering some very nice features. 

The blog is by  Kyle Judkins, and he is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of LostInTechnology. Here is his list below:

10 Very Useful Google Services You Should Know

We use the Google search engine on a daily basis, but Google has lots of other great services out there.  Recently, we talked about 5 Great and Unknown Google Products.  I want to dive back into that topic and share a few more services that Google has going that you should know about.

The List

1. Aardvark

Aardvark is a social search service that finds people who can answer all of your questions. When you submit your inquiry, Aardvark searches your circle of friends and finds someone who can answer your question. The answer is sent to your IM, or you can check it on your Aardvark profile. The service was bought on February 11th, so just a few days ago.

2. Sets

Google Sets is a simple service that creates sets of items from a few examples you give. Simple indeed, but extremely fun. Let’s say you want a list of popular TV shows. All you have to do is insert two or three shows you know and Google will predict the rest. Voila, you have at least 15 other TV shows listed.

3. Audio Indexing

Let’s say you really want to know in what videos your favorite topic is mentioned. Google Audio Indexing is a technology that scrutinizes all the audio in YouTube videos. While it is only for politics now, the service will probably get expanded in the future.

4. News Timeline

How does news change through time? See it on the Google News Timeline.  Results are shown in a timeline, with articles, videos and photos.

5. Living Stories

While major newspapers are not available in News Timeline, Google got together with The NY Times and The Washington Post in order to bring us Google Living Stories. This service shows news that is designed for the online environment. Stories are covered completely with all development gathered in one place.

6. City Tours

If you’re planning to visit a big city and don’t know where to go sightseeing, go to Google City Tours and enter your starting address. The search engine will generate the best itinerary, telling you the time you will spend and draw you a route to follow for every day of your vacation.

7. Image Swirl

After Bing announced Visual Search, Google decided to strike back with Image Swirl. Images are organized in groups (swirls) based on their similarity (whether visual or semantic). For instance, if you are looking for a jaguar, Google will organize the results in swirls: the car, the cat, logo. Additionally, images are organized by their angle, colors and so on.

8. Dictionary

Sure, you can find dictionaries all over the web, but Google Dictionary provides you with a little extra.  When you search for a word, it gives you a definition, a phonetic transcription, synonyms, related phrases, related languages (if the word appears in other languages as well) and web definitions. Oh, and if possible, they give you a photo.

9. Squared

Squared is one of the niftiest services on Google, regardless of how simple it might seem. Let’s say you’re looking for landmarks in London. Squared creates a table with names, images, descriptions, locations and telephone numbers, but it doesn’t stop here. You can add your own columns: opening times, height, when they were constructed.  The possibilities are almost unlimited. In case the list does not exist, you can help them and add it.

10. Fast Flip

If you love news and you like to get it online, but don’t have enough time to check all the news websites, use Fast Flip.


I immersed myself in Google alternatives a few months ago, because I wanted to see what Google has to offer. I was very surprised at what I found. Google is really more than just a search engine.  They are constantly trying to make your online experiences better.  Many of the services mentioned are in beta, but they are all worth checking out.

In case you know other interesting and useful services by Google, feel free to mention them in comments.

(By) Alex is a blogger from Slovenia who loves internet novelties and runs the Renton Blog.

Brush up on Social Media

In Marketing, Online/Interactive, Social Media on February 18, 2010 at 6:39 pm

For those who want to brush up or learn about Social Media, here are a series of quick videos from Steve Goldner’s blog. Scroll down to  click on the video, and the rest of the series is on the far right.

Steve Goldner (aka Social Steve) is a social media consultant helping companies with their marketing plan and integrating social media into their strategy and execution.

Verizon bringing Skype to wireless users

In Online/Interactive, Social Media on February 18, 2010 at 2:53 pm

Verizon bringing Skype to wireless users

By Jon Swartz, USA TODAY
SAN FRANCISCO — Skype on Tuesday announced a major deal with Verizon Wireless that would make its inexpensive online-calling service available to up to 90 million Verizon users, vastly expanding Skype’s presence on smartphones.

“This is an important step in making Skype available anytime, anywhere,” Skype CEO Josh Silverman says.

The deal gives Verizon customers with smartphones and data plans the option of making unlimited calls to hundreds of millions of Skype users worldwide, beginning next month. It extends to BlackBerrys and Android smartphones that run on Verizon. Those calls would go over Verizon’s network, not using cellphone plan minutes. Minutes would be deducted to use Skype to call regular phone numbers in the U.S., Verizon said.

Verizon’s version of Skype mobile will not work on Wi-Fi, the companies said. There are no current plans to integrate Skype into Verizon FiOS TV, a high-speed service used by consumers.

Skype’s plunge into mobile is part of its plan to be a must-have tool for small and midsize businesses. It has 521million users who gobble up 12% of the world’s international calling minutes.

Skype is a fixture on PCs, but the company wants to tackle the mobile and TV markets. Skype is available on Wi-Fi on Apple‘s iPhone but not on AT&T’s data network. Skype for Verizon will be pre-installed on phones; consumers must download a Skype-for-iPhone app.

“People don’t always want to be tethered to their computer,” says Russ Shaw, head of Skype Mobile.

Last month, Skype signed a deal with top TV makers Panasonic and LG Electronics to integrate the service into their Internet-connected, high-definition TVs later this year.

Should its multiple media pushes succeed, Skype stands to gain millions of users as business use expands.

“Skype’s goal is to be the Google of communications,” IDC analyst Rebecca Swensen says. “It wants users to gravitate toward using Skype as their de facto standard for communications — whether it’s IM, voice, video.”

Its ambitions put Skype in Google’s crosshairs, Swensen says. Google has snapped up communications companies and courted mobile users with phones based on its Android operating system. And it has a knack for offering online services for free.

As for Verizon Wireless, it hopes to attract new subscribers who will buy smartphones and sign up for data plans; such users typically generate more revenue than Verizon will lose on international voice calls.

Quotes of the day

In Mindsets on February 17, 2010 at 10:28 pm

From the new Google Buzz, these were seen on Google Reader today, and just too good to pass up posting: