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Whats Your Slogan?

In Design, Marketing on February 3, 2010 at 8:58 pm

Designers have some cool things on their sites and blogs. This blog post shares something we should all keep in mind when we are communicating…keep it short and simple – with examples. These are all relative to designers but it was interesting all the same.

Your tag line or business slogan should tell people what you do in about 5 words, and it should also be the subtitle of your website.

I asked artists on linkedin to send me their tag lines and here are some examples of how artists added taglines to their business:

  • Sarah J. Aubry -“Simplicity is Key
  • Channelside Advertising & Design spells things out. “Concept to Completion“.
  • Bobby Baker-Graphic Content Design “Artistic Discretion is Advised“.
  • Scott Bain ‘strategic. creative. inspiring.’
  • Lisa Youngdahl- “because your company’s image is not a do-it-yourself project.”
  • Jamie Berger-Cranky Pressman “The old letterpress printer getting it done online.”
  • Tara Reed-For manufacturers “The art you need. The service you deserve.”
  • Katherine Bjork-“Solutions made simple.”
  • John Wantz-“Brand Behind Brands.”
  • Ronald Davis-Writer, ‘upfromsumdirt
  • JS Graphics, Inc.’s focus is small business-“Crafted Communications for Small & Emerging Companies
  • Bad Feather Inc. – a boutique print and web design shop. ‘We’re Only Getting Badder

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