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In Advertising, Design, Marketing on February 26, 2010 at 3:37 pm

From the clever and creative to the cool and HUH?

60 Clever and Creative

67 Unbelievably Creative ads. Ads don’t have to be stupid and boring.

some of my faves:

ATT India Ad

These were huge (in size) all over Penn Station, very arresting and clever – an oldie but a goodie.

Australian Post Ad

Absolut Vodka Pregnant Ad

Pepsi Twist Ad

60 print ads to tickle the funny bone.


for those that don’t know, Durex is a European brand of condoms. 🙂

And for the feint of heart, don’t go beyond this one, because you could be upset. There is one of Nemo that you may not be happy with. 😉

12 creative ads by big brands.

  1. LOVE THIS! And love Nemo, that they had the guts to use that ad!

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