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35 Creative Ad campaigns

In Advertising, Cool Treatment/Idea, Design, Marketing on March 2, 2010 at 10:43 pm

From Design Tutorial 4 U (parent link below as well)

…one of the great sources of design inspiration can be found in the world around us.  When you step away from the computer and open a magazine, take a walk or go to the book store you can find great ideas for your next project.  The world of print advertising; in magazines, billboards and ambient/alternative ads are a great medium to find just the right idea or finishing touch for your design.

Today, lets take a look at 35 creative and innovative advertising campaigns to help give us some great ideas and inspiration that can provide that idea we were searching for.

HERE is just one sample below. Clever, huh?

Also from the same source, they showcase 40 of the best ambient ads like a giant snake wrapped around a city bus. Ewww… and wow. Curiously, my faves seem to all revolve around coffee – which I don’t drink.


 click to see article of the pics below

Creative and Innovative Ad Campaigns


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