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Ad Broad Comes Up to 41

In Competitive landscape, Inspirational/Advice, Marketing, Marketing Meeting, Online/Interactive, Promotions, Social Media on March 24, 2010 at 8:13 pm

On the heels of meeting a completely understated, awesome, inspiring woman, Helen Klein Ross. I had to share her site with you. You can see for yourself what she’s done, said and witnessed. In addition to her sage observations she also has some great links on her blogroll to keep you up for weeks just trying to read and absorb it all. Which leads me to a point that she hit upon several times: When it comes to information on the web-FOCUS. Hone in on what you really want to know, or you can get swept up in the whirling tornado of blogs, tweets, posts, status updates and electronic articles.

She shared with us her thoughts on social media (no one is a true guru, and if anyone proclaims such, they’re probably blowing smoke up your… well, you know), what her biggest OOH…AHHH moments were at SXSW and how she came to be the twitter voice behind Mad Men’s Betty Draper.

Tying into her discussion on social media gurus, she shared a site where you can make movies armed only with the ability to type. When she came to speak to us, she mentioned one of the self-made videos that takes a humorous jab at the Social Media Gurus that are cropping up and selling their wares/expertise. Here is a link to her post where she showcases this video.

Here are some other sites for your Social Arsenal recommended by Ms. Ross and others at our roundtable today :

Twitter Search: You don’t need to Tweet to see what’s aTwitterin’

One of the big names in Social Media, and definitely worth following, Chris Brogan

The 4 ways you need to engage in Social Media (I’ve added one more: LinkedIn –
Blogging (popular blog hosts are: Google’s Blogger, WordPress, Typepad)

  1. As social media is so much a part of earned media, Let’s share this at the marketing meeting in june where drew is scheduled to shape the discussion.+p

  2. Love to know that Helen aka @AdBroad + @BettyDraper is know linked to our marketers. It is indeed a wonderous time in which we live.

  3. Thanks for kind and generous words. It was a pleasure to meet you and to be part of things yesterday. Hope we connect IRL again soon.

    BTW, Mad Men fans can check out Betty Draper’s tweetstream here: She has a blog, too:
    Just another example of cutting edge senior activity, as Betty would be in her late 70s today 😉

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