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Real World Social Media

In Marketing, Mobile, Online/Interactive, PR, Social Media on April 15, 2010 at 11:20 pm

Consumers are seeking ways to transfer their digital interactions into something tangible. Businesses, big and small, will find ways to not only cultivate social media audiences but weave their brands into the daily lives of consumers. Your business should aim to empower them, excite them, inspire them, and enable them to engage with your brand in a relevant, new and useful way that adds to their real-world experience. Read how some companies are leveraging this 

Generally speaking, brands are using social networks in a relatively systematic way:  

1) Create an account; 2) Run ads; 3) Collect fans; 4) Provide news, offers and promotions; 5) Repeat.  

But the lines of the digital world and real world are blurring, and businesses should start thinking about how they can take their social media initiatives to the next level. This means looking at new ways to mobilize your social media audiences to take action in the real world. Here are six great examples of early adopter companies doing just this.  

1. Twitter Scavenger Hunt Engages Fans Globally

Tony Hawk Tweet


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