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Lewis Howes’ Social Media Success Summit session

In Inspirational/Advice, Marketing, Mobile, Online/Interactive, Social Media on May 19, 2010 at 10:45 am

As some of you know, I’ve been taking part in Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Success Summit this month. It’s a series of live webinars on a variety of Social Media topics. The sessions have all been very interesting and the few of us that are taking it here in the office are planning on a lunchtime mini-conference where we will exchange our thoughts and take-aways from the sessions.

Today on Mashable (easily my go-to site these days), Lewis Howes presented an article that recapped his session: Tips for Landing a Job on LinkedIn. Its not just about getting a job, its about how to use LinkedIn for business…and a little about optimizing yourself on LinkedIn, as well.

There is so much information on this Summit that we’d love to share. While it would be wrong to repost their info, I can share this with you because the author posted it publically on Mashable.

13 Essential Tips for Landing a Job on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best places online to find a job, period. It’s also a great place to connect with top decision makers, generate targeted leads for your business, drive traffic to your website, and more.

Read the full article…


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