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15 Smartphone Apps You Should Have

In Design, Mobile on March 4, 2014 at 10:02 am

This should really be called 15 Smartphone Apps a Designer/Coder should have. While I wouldn’t use 80% of these, the first two are going to be downloaded immediately. For that reason, I will grab those two and share below. Though, for the full article, written by  for, you can go here.


Live View (iOS) – A great graphic designing and prototyping tool that allows a remote screen view.



What the Font (iOS)  – Want to know what font your favorite brand is using? Take a picture of it and let this tool do the magic.



20 Email Design Best Practices

In Competitive landscape, Design, eMail, Social Media on March 4, 2014 at 9:52 am

Refresher to keep it top of mind…

20 Email Design Best Practices

Even for experience designers, building email newsletters isn’t easy. You receive a lovely looking design, and you crack on with the development. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work as it should in every email clients. Styles don’t display, images aren’t visible, etc.

This is where these twenty best practices come in handy.

1: Keep the Design Simple

2: Use Tables

3: Have Web Browsers at the Ready

4: Sign Up for all the Major Email Clients

5: Use Inline Styles

6: Give all Images Alt Tags

Click for the full article and the rest of the list + explanations, heck here is an additional article that aggregates many helpful email newsletter tips, tricks and hints.